Oct. 10 2011

A Minecraft Challenge

I’ve been playing with some interesting Minecraft challenges and came up with this fun little diddy. No land anywhere. Once you die you respawn over the void and become stuck in an infinite loop of death. You have the absolute bare minimum. Yet you have just enough to create plenty. Every block placement must be planned. Every block preserved. And you’re racing against hunger.

Download 1.0 Here

Simply unzip into your Minecraft saves folder and start Minecraft.


3 Responses to “A Minecraft Challenge”

  1. Juan Says:

    THIS IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE. could you publish a walkthrough?

  2. benglish Says:

    I can give some hints. You start on 2 dirt blocks. Collect one and lay it next to the other one so you can plant a sapling. Use the bone to make bone meal and use it on the tree. Harvest the tree being careful to collect dropped saplings. Use the planks to build a path to the small floating island. Once to the island the next step would be to route the lava in a way it meets the water without destroying the water block, creating a cobblestone factory. Then it’s a matter of harvesting the rest of the island being careful about which blocks to harvest first.

  3. Minecraft tools Says:

    It’s very hard… but i like that :D. Thx for the dl

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