Apr. 04 2009

KitcheNET Development

KitcheNET 0.1 Beta 2 with Software Keyboard

KitcheNET 0.1 Beta 2 with Software Keyboard

Over the past week since my KitcheNET project got posted on LifeHacker, I’ve been busy tweaking the software adding new features and fixing bugs I’ve found in the process of testing it out.

Once I get it packaged up I’ll post the new version to download on our PivotLabs Open Source section.

Some new features include:

  • Software keyboard for VERY simple textual input
  • Added page buffering so dialing through configured web sites seems quicker
  • Added right-click reset to automatically go back to home page when navigating away
  • Added snazzy splash screen
  • Switched from <browser> to <iframe> elements.
  • Fixed links that would otherwise open in a new browser to open in current one
  • Fixed up styles

The online response from readers has been very supportive and inspiring.

One reader, James Tandy, sent me a picture of an inspired setup sporting Windows Media Center and a wireless mouse.

Another reader pointed out another similar project on TechRepublic and others had great ideas for other methods of input such as the Wiimote.

I also learned about the Linux From Scratch project which might be my ticket to finally diving head first into the barebones mechanics of Linux instead of letting Ubuntu take care of everything for me.

Either way i definitely have a list of new ideas to take from this whole experience and plan to keep going with it.

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